homeschool character trainingWelcome to Character Building for Families, published by Full Gospel Family Publications. The Character Building for Families manuals are topical Bible / character education studies for Christian and homeschooling families. We originally wrote them for our own homeschool, because we weren’t sure the hit-and-miss character training we had been doing was enough. We sought God’s guidance for each lesson, and He always blessed us by bringing topics, Bible passages, and insights to mind.

Character Building for Families is suitable for family devotions, Bible curriculum, or a separate character “class.” Lessons include reading Bible passages together, thought-provoking discussion, Bible memorization, application to our personal lives, and prayer. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes to complete. The studies are designed to be used by the entire family together, and can be used again and again. A unique feature of our character education resources is that parents learn along with their children.

Character Building for Families, Volume 1 covers twelve topics — Obedience, Orderliness, Diligence, Loyalty, Deference, Cheerfulness, Gentleness (Kindness), Contentment, Gratitude, Truthfulness, Servanthood, and Hospitality. There are 97 pages with 165 lessons.

homeschool character educationCharacter Building for Families, Volume 2 covers 5 topics — Stewardship (of money, time, speech, bodies, friends, and the gospel), Teachableness, Mercy, Patience, and Desire for Jesus. It has 105 pages, with 135 lessons.

Just about any family will find Character Building for Families a valuable tool for Christian growth, whether they have been homeschooling for many years, are just beginning, or even if they are not homeschooling at all. We especially encourage families who are struggling with discipline, or are not yet as well-grounded in Bible truths as they would like to be, to use these manuals.


Sample Lessons


Some features which parents tell us they particularly like about Character Building for Families:

  • No lesson preparation for parents
  • No written work for children
  • Sound Bible content
  • Easy-to-follow, to-the-point layout
  • Low cost
  • The positive changes they are seeing in their families

Cost for Character Building for Families is:

Volume 1   $16.00, postage paid (in U.S.)
Volume 2   $16.00, postage paid (in U.S.)
Volumes 1 & 2 (set)   $30.00, postage paid (in U.S.)

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