Encouragement from God’s Word

encouraging Bible verses“How do I know I have really been hearing from God?” “Does God ever make promises He cannot fulfill due to other people’s disobedience?” “Does God change His mind about a promise He has given?” “Would God let me be deceived about what I think I am hearing from Him, and not correct me?”

The answers to these questions are clearly laid out in the Bible. The problem is — finding them! This topical listing of Scripture verses (KJV) is guaranteed to lift your spirit and renew your faith in the Living God.

I often use this booklet as a ministry tool by giving copies to people going through hard times, who need to know that God is still watching over them. I also use it as a springboard to prayer. What better way to pray effectively, than by praying the promises?

(Please note: The Intercessor’s Companion is a newer, expanded version of this book, geared especially toward intercessors. If you are purchasing The Intercessor’s Companion, you will not need Encouragement from God’s Word.)

Topics covered:

1. God Intends for Us to Know His Will
2. God Promises to Guide His Children
3. God’s Promises Shall Stand
4. God Ultimately Will Have His Way — In Spite of Man’s Free Will
5. God Will Not Let Us Be Ashamed When We Have Hoped in Him
6. God’s Faithfulness is Unfailing
7. God Means Great Good toward Us
8. God Always Knew It All
9. The Battle Is the Lord’s
10. We Need Not Fear
11. Our God Is Our Safety
12. You Can Have Peace
13. The Truth (Infallibility) of the Scriptures
14. Health and Healing
15. God Has Not Forgotten You
16. Our God Is a Listening God
17. The LORD Answers My Prayers
18. God Helps Those Who Trust in Him
19. In God We Have Ultimate Victory

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