Hotline to Heaven: Hearing the Voice of God

hearing God

Hearing God clearly and accurately is the desire of every Christian, but many of us struggle with how to go about it. Some of us have even despaired of ever hearing God personally speak to us! God delights to communicate with all believers, but many of us have never been taught to recognize His voice.

This short book is the result of Lee Ann Rubsam’s many years of listening to believers’ questions about how to hear God more frequently and accurately. Written from a Charismatic / Pentecostal / Prophetic viewpoint, its simple, straightforward explanations will help you gain new confidence in your ability to hear God speak to you.



Topics covered include:

  • Does God still speak personally to us today?
  • Is every believer privileged to hear God?
  • In what ways does God speak to us through the Bible?
  • What is the inner voice? How does it sound?
  • How do I know if it is God, me, or the devil speaking?
  • What other ways does God speak, beyond the inner voice?
  • What hinders hearing from God?
  • Tips for better hearing

Paperback, 20 pages.

(Please note: The material in this booklet is also included as an appendix in The Intercessor Manual, so if you are buying that book, you will not need this one.)

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