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Expanding God’s Kingdom in Your City

start a prayer group / prayer groupWould you like to start a prayer group in your home or church, but don’t quite know how to go about doing it? Do you feel that you lack the leadership skills necessary to be successful at it? Are you concerned that your prayer group might be boring? Do you desire to train other intercessors to lead their own group? House of Prayer ~ House of Power is designed to help you succeed in starting a home or church prayer fellowship. Leading intercessory prayer is easy, if you know a few basic techniques. (If we can do this, anyone can!)

We start with an explanation of what revelatory, agreeing prayer is, and how to accomplish it in your group. Practical tips for starting a house of prayer and keeping it going, how to handle snags along the way, and how to pass leadership skills on to others are all explained.

Part 2 gives you ready-made teaching on basic intercessory topics which you can use to help the people in your prayer fellowship grow in maturity as prayer warriors.


Leader topics covered:

  • What houses of prayer do
  • Getting started
  • How to lead in revelatory, agreeing prayer
  • Tips for successful prayer group leadership
  • How to train up leaders within your group

Teachings provided to use with your group:

  • How to Move in Revelatory Prayer
  • Why Do We Need Intercessors?
  • The Call to Pray
  • The Desire to Pray
  • The Bible Helps Our Intercession (Part 1)
  • The Bible Helps Our Intercession (Part 2)
  • Finding Your Prayer Specialty
  • The Power of Your Prayer Language (Part 1)
  • The Power of Your Prayer Language (Part 2)
  • Using the Names of God in Prayer and Worship
  • Supporting Your Pastor (Part 1)
  • Supporting Your Pastor (Part 2)
  • Prayer that Counts
  • The Prophetic Connection
  • Handling Your Prophetic Revelation with Discretion (Part 1)
  • Handling Your Prophetic Revelation with Discretion (Part 2)
  • Your Home as a House of Prayer
  • What Can I Expect as an Intercessor?

6″ X 9″, 98 pages

U.S. price: $14.00 (Price includes shipping.)


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  1. please l would love to have your teachings send to my E-mail address.Thanks

  2. Hi Austin,

    If you live outside the U. S. and would like to purchase a PDF of House of Prayer ~ House of Power (or any of our other books), here is the link to order: If you need free teaching, you may find my blog, Out of the Fire, helpful — You can even subscribe to the blog to receive new posts in your e-mail. I will send you a free copy of my short book, Overcoming Spiritual Bondage, when you subscribe. The subscription form at the blog is near the top of the right-hand column, also on the “About Lee Ann” page.

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