Encouragement from God’s Word

Bible encouragementFor several years, our family walked through a difficult, ongoing experience that was unlike anything we had ever before encountered. During this time of waiting upon God for desperately needed answers and fulfillment of promises He had given, there were times when I asked questions about the nature and character of God that I had never considered before. “How do I know I have really been hearing from God?” “Does God ever make promises He cannot fulfill due to other people’s disobedience?” “Does God change His mind about a promise He has given?” “Would God let us be deceived about what we think we are hearing from Him, and not correct us?” And myriads of other side-trail issues.

Over time we saw the answers to our promises unfold, but not quite in the same way that we had expected. God gave us better than the original promises. We found out that when man obstructs God’s plan, God just expands the plan to bigger and better proportions!

Through all that has happened, I am gradually learning Who God is and how He operates. I am learning to hold on in a deepening faith and belief. Jesus proves to us day by day that He certainly is “Faithful and True.” And I am still only beginning to learn what it is to pray deeply, desperately, and to have power with God.

I would like to share with those of you who are weary and tired and questioning, some of the Scriptures God has led me to. You will find them at the topical links below. I will add to them as I make new discoveries in God’s Word. Before we do that, however, please allow me to recommend a few books to you that have helped our family immeasurably. You can order them at any Christian bookstore:

Forever Ruined for the Ordinary
by Joy Dawson (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Mighty Prevailing Prayer
by Wesley L. Duewel (Zondervan)

Experiencing God
by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King (Lifeway Press)

All Scripture quotes in the following links come from the King James Version, unless noted otherwise:

God Intends for Us to Know His Will (Not Walk in the Dark)
God Promises to Guide His Children
God’s Promises Shall Stand
God Ultimately Will Have His Way — In Spite of Man’s Free Will
God Will Not Let Us Be Ashamed When We Have Hoped in Him
God’s Faithfulness is Unfailing
God Means Great Good toward Us
God Always Knew It All (Scriptures that Refute “Openness Theology”)
The Battle Is the Lord’s
We Need Not Fear
Our God Is Our Safety
You Can Have Peace
The Truth (Infallibility) of the Scriptures
Health and Healing
God Has Not Forgotten You
Our God Is a Listening God
The LORD Answers My Prayers
God Helps Those Who Trust in Him
In God We Have Ultimate Victory

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Bible encouragement

Encouragement from God’s Word



Bible encouragement

The Intercessor’s Companion
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