Frequently Asked Questions

homeschool character training

What Bible translation does Character Building for Families use?

  • Our favorite translation is the King James Version. However, we purposely designed Character Building for Families so that it can be used with the translation of your choice. Occasionally, one of the discussion points may not seem to fit with what your translation says. This is rare, but we recommend having a KJV handy for reference, just in case.

Is Character Building for Families geared toward a particular denominational understanding of the Bible?

  • We tried to emphasize only the core teachings which define all Christians. Our family classifies ourselves as Spirit-filled, and because of that, we do talk quite a bit about drawing on the Holy Spirit’s guidance as a way of life. There are a couple of places where we mention the Baptism in the Spirit (so does the Bible!), but we don’t major on it. We honor Christians of all persuasions.
  • Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Catholics, Reformed, and Pentecostals have all used and loved our books.

What age group is Character Building for Families best suited to?

  • The studies are written at an elementary age level of understanding. Volume 2’s concepts are a little more advanced than Volume 1. (Our children were between 3rd and 6th grade when we wrote both volumes for them.)
  • If you want to include your older students in the family discussion, they will still learn a lot (and you will too!). But if you only have teens, our book, River Life: Entering into the Character of Jesus may be a better fit for them.

homeschool character building studyHow much time will it take our family to complete a lesson?

  • The lessons vary slightly in length, but 20 minutes per lesson is average.

Do we have to stay on a strict schedule in order to complete a volume in one year’s time?

  • No. Take as long as you like. Some families do the studies five days a week, while some only have time for two or three days a week. There is no law that says you have to complete a volume in one school year. Keep it fun and guilt-free!

Are the Character Building for Families manuals reusable?

  • Yes! In fact, we recommend that you go through each of them more than once to reinforce what has already been learned.

Do I have to buy a copy for each of my children?

  • No. Since the manual is a discussion outline for the parent, one copy per family is all that is needed.

What if we get stuck? Can we contact you?

  • Of course! While the materials are easy to use, if you do have a question or comment, please contact us. We love hearing from people who are using our books!

How long does it take for my book(s) to get to me, once I order?

  • We ship USPS Media Mail (no extra cost to you), which takes approximately one week to arrive, within the continental U. S. There is an option to order Priority Mail shipping if you need your books in a hurry (recommended for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico).

How do I order if I live outside the U. S.?

  • Due to how expensive shipping has become outside the U. S. we  no longer ship our printed books internationally. However, you can still buy Character Building for Families and our other large-size books as PDFs — and they are very reasonably priced.
  • Here’s the link to our International Orders page.
  • (PDFs are not available for customers living in the U. S. Please buy the print version, using the U. S. orders page.)

Do you offer discount rates to wholesale customers?

  • Yes, we do! Please contact us to receive details of our discounted rates. We discount for orders of 5 or more, whether you are a reseller, a homeschool co-op representative, or just ordering for yourself and friends.