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What is Delta House?

Several years ago, the Lord spoke to us about a house of prayer which we would one day establish. It would be a place where intercessors could join together in deep worship, experience the Lord’s Presence, and engage in prophetic prayer, based on what He was saying to us as a group. It was also to be a place where intercessors could receive teaching about prayer and the prophetic gifts. And, it was to be a place where healing would be released.

He eventually gave us a name for this house of prayer: Delta House.

house of prayer - Appleton WisconsinDelta is a Greek letter which looks like a triangle — the shape of a spearhead. Our prayers are like that spearhead. We send them upward to the Father, penetrating through the resistance of wickedness in the second heaven, until they reach the throne room. In the military, Delta Force is the name of a highly trained special forces unit. They go places and get the job done where other military units cannot yet go. That is what intercessors are meant to do in the spirit realm — to gather intelligence from the Lord and then respond to it through Spirit-led prayer. That is our aim at Delta House of Prayer — to teach prayer warriors how to listen for the Holy Spirit’s directives on prayer, and then impact our world and achieve results through Spirit-led intercession.

Our current prayer and training opportunities:

Fox Valley Prayer Gathering

Are you looking for a prayer group and/or teaching on prophetic intercession in the Appleton / Fox Valley, Wisconsin area?

Paul and Lee Ann Rubsam host Fox Valley Prayer Gathering, every Tuesday, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at our home:

419 E. Taft Avenue
Appleton, WI 54915

Our prayer focus is revival / awakening for the Fox River Valley, Wisconsin, and the nation. We also pray for Israel. You are welcome to join us! The gifts of the Spirit are celebrated, prayer for personal needs is always available, and you will learn how to “flow with the Spirit” in prayer.

A short teaching on how to pray in the flow of the Spirit is currently part of our weekly gathering. Join us!


Christian Dream Interpretation Workshop in Waupaca WI

Hearing God Through Your Dreams Workshop

Saturday, April 14, 2018
9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

The Green Fountain Inn
Waupaca, Wisconsin

Explore how YOU can hear from God through dreams!
Join us for a dream interpretation workshop
with prophetic teacher Lee Ann Rubsam

Details here



Do You Need Prayer for Healing?

We offer prayer by appointment. Contact us.

Phone: (920) 734-6693


Growing in the Prophetic -- prophetic training workshop Intercessor training workshop with Lee Ann Rubsam


Did you miss our Growing in the Prophetic workshop?
How about Yes, You CAN Be an Intercessor?

Good news! We have them both for you as either mp3 downloads or CD sets.




Would you like to start a prayer group? Do you need teaching outlines for your current group?
House of Prayer ~ House of Power

House of Prayer ~ House of Power, by Lee Ann Rubsam

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