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The Character Building for Families Blog

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

A Homeschool Mom

Do you have a favorite Christian homeschool blog you love to visit? Tell me about it at leeann@fullgospelfamily.com. I’ll take a look as I have time, and it just might get listed here. (It doesn’t have to be a mega-blog site. Smaller, less well-known sites can be gems too!)  🙂

More Homeschool Sites

 Homeschoolers Guides (Home of the Pocket Homeschool Fair)

 Homeschool Central

NATHHAN (home schooling special needs children)

Homeschool Oasis

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Commercial Homeschool Links


The Online Books Page

 Open Library

Mount Vernon Tour

U.S. Capitol Virtual Tour

America’s Christian History


Heroes of History (Christian heroes)

Teach Art at Home (Some free lessons, some not)

Fine Arts — View Famous Artwork

Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection

How Stuff Works

Inventor’s Toolbox — Simple Machines

Microbe Zoo

Insects on the Web

Raising Lepidoptera (Butterflies/Moths)

Kids’ Quest (Christian Kids’ Activities)

Bible Helps

Hebrew for Christians


Sunday School Lesson Connection (Many free lessons for teens and preteens)

How to Use Strong’s Concordance

Jesus in All the Books of the Bible

E-Sword (Free Bible software)

The Online Bible (Free Bible software)

Abiding in the Healing Word

Bible Gateway (Lots of Bible helps, including audio Bibles)

Out of the Fire (Lee Ann’s blog on prayer & Christian growth)


Steve and Joan Driessen Ministries (Apostolic Leadership Training)

Christian Mommies His-Net (Christian Directory)

Light Links 2000 (Christian Directory)

Christian Answers (creation, Bible, and much more)

Parents for Christ

The Dollar Stretcher

Training Authors Newsletter (free gift included!)

Court System.org (Contact info for courthouses, police stations etc.)

Web Site-Building Helps

HTML Goodies

HTML for Beginners

Web Design for Kids

Lion’s Child’s Web Colors

Go Daddy (Best place to get domain names)

Host Gator (Web hosting for your site — I am a Host Gator affiliate.)