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Across the nation, there is a new move of online public education that will let you “home school” your children with the “security” of having certified public school teachers help you do it. Each child is given a computer, printer, and learning tools (software, textbooks, etc.) absolutely free of charge–because it is all provided through the public school system.

Currently we have two such programs available in our state. We are continually receiving mail from one of them, encouraging us to home school using their system. The other one is bombarding home schoolers and potential home schoolers through advertising on our local Christian radio station (although their materials are entirely secular, not Christian).

One of these programs is being touted as “home schooling at its best”; however, this is anything but home school. Once again, it is the State attempting to get control of our children’s education–and they will be entirely successful, if we fall for it. How long do you think it will be before we are told that there is no longer any reason for us to home school independently of them? After all, using the state-sponsored program, we will still be actively involved in our children’s education, and we will now have all the benefits of teacher tutoring, record keeping, accountability, and official state education diplomas. What peace of mind we can now be assured of!

Public school, with all its anti-Christian mindset, is still public school, whatever new way it comes packaged. Public education in the home is still public education–with many of its flaws still attached. Do you think a state-sponsored curriculum will teach your children origins from a creationist perspective? Will it tell them about the Christian heritage of our nation? How will Christian heroes of our past be represented? Will they be mentioned at all? Will the idea that there is only one true God and only one hope of man’s salvation–the Lord Jesus Christ–be encouraged? Hardly.

At worst, your children will be taught things directly contrary to Christian beliefs. At best, although Christian ideals may not be openly attacked, the silence about truths that have anything to do with Christianity may be even more detrimental, due to its subtlety.

What is especially disturbing is the number of home school families that are already falling into the trap. The free computer and printer offered as part of the package are no doubt tempting little carrots dangling in front of our noses. But what a price to pay in the freedoms we lose, the sacrificing of truth in our children’s minds–perhaps even the sacrifice of their spiritual lives! The battle for who will do the parenting–Mom and Dad or the State–is alive and well, and public education at home is nothing more than another sneak attack. Let’s simplify the situation somewhat: if someone approached you with the query, “What can I pay you in exchange for your children?” would you respond, “Give me a computer, a printer, and a little more free time for myself, and you can have them”?

Our family’s reason for home schooling remains the same as it always has been:

Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge. — Proverbs 19:27

My husband and I are committed to “training up our children in the way they should go,” reminding them at every level of God’s truth, God’s ways, and God’s plans. To the best of our understanding and ability, we will not allow compromised teaching into their hearts and minds. We will teach them to sacrifice for others and to do all that they can to advance the Kingdom of our God. And we won’t be introducing educational materials into our home that attempt to circumvent us in our purposes.

Our children’s spiritual life is still the bottom line.

© 2003 by Lee Ann Rubsam. All rights reserved.

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