What Are People Saying About Character Building for Families?

    (4 1/2 out of possible 5)

Mary Pride’s “Practical Homeschooling”

“This is a terrific Bible study and character training program for the whole family….I like the ‘real family’ feel of this program. Too often, scripted questions sound phony and cannot be used without rephrasing them, but in this case the questions sound natural and can be used as is. The mix of Bible reading, memorization, discussion, and prayer is just right to keep the attention of wiggly young ones and impatient older ones. …this is one of the most practical and worthwhile no-frills programs for Bible study or family devotions I have seen.”

Cathy Duffy, “Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual: Elementary Grades”

“The lessons are flexible…well thought out…. My favorite [unit] is an interesting and highly needed section on Deference. Every family stands to benefit…from the lessons…. If you are looking for a super way to develop important character traits in all family members while memorizing a few scriptures, Character Building for Families is the way to go.”

Shelley Ashcroft, “The Homeschool Exchange”

Character Building for Families … is well developed and each [character] quality is split up into daily lessons that are the perfect size for all of your children’s attention spans…. I highly recommend this study for your homeschool or just for family devotions. Lee Ann Rubsam has done a very nice job of putting this study together.”

Dan Hammes, “Homeschool Central”

“I appreciate the simplicity of the lessons, and the assurance that no teacher preparation [is] needed. The manual really is very easy to use…. My family and I enjoyed using Character Building for Families….we spent less time fussing with workbook pages and projects, and more time simply reading God’s Word, discussing its meaning, and learning how to apply it to our lives.”

Amy Menges, “CHEC Homeschool Update”

“I appreciate the simplicity, but thoroughness, and so importantly–[Character Building for Families] is not at all threatening or intimidating to new Christian families.”

A home school advisor

“We have really enjoyed Character Building for Families. We have some heart and attitude changes in our children!”

A home school mother

“We have enjoyed… Character Building for Families so very much that I would like to order a copy for a friend. The book has been helpful in our daily Bible study. We love the format and the applications that are made are right on target for children.”

A home school mother

“I so enjoyed, and my children benefited from, your 1st volume of Character Building for Families. I was THRILLED that you came out with Volume 2! It’s a great Bible and character building course for our homeschool….Thank you for your enriching and helpful curriculum–even more, all of the timesaving work for me!”

A home school mother

“I recently received Character Building for Families Volume 1 from you! WE LOVE IT!!! It is just what we’ve been looking for! You did an incredible job in making it! Thank you so much for making it available to other families! I will be spreading the news about it to all my friends!”

A home school mother

“I wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed using Vol. 1. It is very easy to use, beneficial for the whole family and sticks to the Biblical point …no fluff! I have recommended it to many moms.”

A home school mother

“Our family has been using…Character Building for Families, Vol. 2 for several months now. I just had to write and tell you that it has been such a blessing to us!…We’ve tried so many different devotionals and never really stuck to any. But yours is so simple to use, and with no preparation–we finally have success! It just seems so simple to sit down as a family and go through each lesson step by step….And for the first time in my life I’m actually memorizing Bible verses! My sister is using Vol. 1 and they are just as pleased as we are….This seems to be what works for us.”

A home school mother


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